Candle Tips


* Make sure to keep your wicks trimmed for optimal burn pool. We Suggest Buying a wick trimmer, they are available at and other fine candle retailing stores.

* Always make sure that your candles are kept out of drafty or windy areas to ensure that your candles burn properly and evenly.

*At Vestacha International we use a special proprietary blend of wax that we have developed that is made exclusively from Natural Plant and fruit waxes.We do not add any dyes or extra chemicals so please refrain from leaving your candles in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this may cause the wax to darken or slightly discolor and may cause changes in the purity of scent. We recommend keeping your candles In a cooler area.

*If you find that you have accidentally clipped your wick or wicks too short (under 1/4 of a inch) and the flame is burning too low, you can blow out your candle and take a teaspoon or tablespoon and gently remove some of the wax from the burn pool around the wick. Make sure that the glass is not hot when you do this. This will llow the wick to burn brightly again when lit.

*When burning a vessel candle you always want to make sure that the candle is allowed to burn long enough so that the burn pool (the pool of melted wax around the wick) reaches the sides of the vessel so that it burns evenly all of the way down. However you never want to leave a burning candle unattended or go to sleep while it is burning.

*Always use common sense when burning any kind of candle. Keep all flames away from small children and pets and keep away from curtains of other hanging materials. Never put matches or any other foreign articles into your candle.

We Hope that you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them for you thank you so much for reading our candle tips page.