3 New Scents Added

We are very proud to present to you our three newest scents in the Vestacha International Candle Line

Conservatory is a heady Rich floral blend that was created specificallyto honor the exotic regal and rare Cattleya Orchid. This exquisite orchidis the most fragrant of all of the Orchid species and blooms only once ayear. Nurtured and tended to In Sunrooms and private greenhouses andconservatories since the victorian era, the Cattleya’s meaning in thesecret language of flowers was Beauty,Love and refinement. Capturing andreproducing it’s fragrance has been the obsession of many a great perfumerand we are so proud to introduce you to our interpretation.It has quicklygrown to be one of our most popular fragrances.

Our most comforting and warming scent to date, Apiary captures the sweetbalsamic and perfectly sublime scent of Warmed Natural Beeswax and melds itbeautifully with just a hint of Orange Blossoms in full bloom.Subtle andsoothing Our Apiary candle creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation andnurturing. Perfect for adding a sense of gentle joy to any space. Beeswaxhas been used for centuries in the art of chandling and is one of theoldest known sources of candle wax.

One of our most complex and magnificent blends,Royal Oaks is a pure workof art. Dew drenched Soft green moss and cool earthy woods dance with thescent of the mists off the cliffs of Big Sur as the sun has set andtwilight comes upon us. A Mix of essential Oils and Perfume oils this scentis wholly Unique and has been a great deal of time in development. RoyalOaks is one of the masterpieces in our line. We Hope that you will fall in love with it as we have.